The New Cost of Talent

As an employer, it is in your best interest to know that there is a new cost of talent.

Why? Unemployment is low, so as a result, employers are currently in a candidate-driven market. If you want top candidates, you have to strive to appeal to them.

On top of that, job candidates are savvier than ever. Online job searching gives them multiple ways to become familiar with the job market, their position in the marketplace and in-depth information about your company.

To attract and obtain the best candidates, employers have to invest time and money in the following ways.

       1.  Invest in a strong web presence

The first glimpse of your company website is the moment a top candidate decides to stay and learn more about your company, or leave the page and move onto the next. Since this brief moment is so crucial, it is vital to make your website visually appealing. This is typically done using graphics and pictures to draw them in and entice them to read on.

Nevertheless, the content on the website is just as important. There should be a breadth of information so that the best candidates will have a deep understanding and conception of your company. Make sure your website contains details such as your company values, mission and information about the leadership and teams. The main goal is to ensure that your website accurately portrays all of the reasons your company is a great place to work.

      2. Utilize social media

Many employees also make the acquaintance of your firm via social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Be sure your company is active and up to date on all of these sites to show top candidates the company’s latest news and accomplishments. Social media pages are also excellent places to interface with the community and highlight employee contributions.

Top talent will almost certainly look at LinkedIn to see information on your company and the people who work there. LinkedIn is perhaps the most frequently used job search site today, so it is crucial to maintain a strong LinkedIn presence. While it’s useful to post open jobs on your company website, posting them on LinkedIn could be most beneficial.

      3. Be prepared to pay top rates for top talent

In a candidate’s market, companies have to realize top talent can command top rates. Online searching has made it easier than ever for candidates to find the competitive rates for their positions, and are therefore more likely to negotiate for it. Be sure to factor this in when making headcount decisions.

It’s also beneficial to invest time in meetings with your company before the interview stage begins to ensure everyone is on the same page with the pay scale and benefits likely to be on offer.

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