How to Set Your Career Goals for 2019

The New Year has arrived, and it’s time to set some resolutions for 2019!  You can decide to become healthier or spend more time with family and friends, but it’s also important to consider your career. Setting career goals for 2019 can effectively rocket you toward a promotion, a new job, or any number of additional professional opportunities. If this sounds good to you, read on for our tips about how to set your career goals this year.

Reflect On Your Goals from Last Year

Before setting your goals for the New Year, you need to evaluate your professional progress from last year.  Did you receive a salary increase that you worked for? Did you attend more networking events to make contacts?  Honestly assess your growth over the past year then ask what you want to change, and what you think you can build on. This will help you to clearly define the things you want to work on in the New Year.

Do a Personal Inventory

In order to set new goals that you can achieve, you must know what you bring to the table in an organization. Take a look at your professional experience and think about the skills you have developed from previous positions.  Consider why they make you a stronger and more qualified candidate. From there you can decide which of these skills employers will be the most interested in, and what will make them the most likely hire you based on your performance history.

Conduct Career Research

Once you have identified your strengths and marketable skills, it’s time to find the right opportunity that matches your abilities. Start by looking at the big picture – what are you interested in?  Where would you ideally like to work?  You can then compose a list of similar companies and research which positions would be the best fit.

Fill the Gaps

Next, figure out what you have to learn to be the first choice candidate.  You can’t stumble into your dream career.  There is a strategy involved in not only becoming qualified, but presenting yourself as the best option.  Read through position descriptions of the job you want and mark where you are suitable and where you might be lacking. Once you’ve identified these gaps, fill them by whatever means necessary to make sure you have all of the applicable skills to begin your dream career.

Be Hands-On

A great way to learn more about the day to day of your desired position is to get hands-on experience through shadowing and volunteering. Network to find professionals that already work in your dream job and ask to set up times when you can tag along.  Similarly, you can look for volunteer opportunities in your field to gain experience. The best way to learn something is from someone that knows how to do it, or to do it yourself!

Find your career-changing opportunities

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