Maintaining your Work-Life Balance

How do you Lean In to become an Original who knows How to Win Friends and Influence People and still Thrive? The answer lies in managing your work-life balance. In the staffing industry, it’s easy to work around the clock. There are multiple jobs to be filled, resumes to review, new contacts to be made

Paths of a Media Planner

Nancy is a fashion junky. Nancy rose up the ranks of big agencies from Assistant to Planner to Supervisor picking up work with leading fashion and luxury accounts including Richemont, The Gap, Net‐a-‐porter and Kenneth Cole. From her foundation in planning, she increasingly focused on media strategy for these brands and developed a deep understanding

Temporary Hiring for Today’s HR Executive

                                                      Before the Great Recession, HR professionals had two standard avenues for sourcing employees. Temporary employees were there to meet short-term needs. Direct-hires were made when filling permanent positions in the organization. To get through the last few years, employers and employees alike, have all redefined the rules. Those candidates who were having difficulty finding

Managing Millennials

Referred to as Generation-Y, Millennials are considered to be anyone born between the years 1980 and 2000 and are taking the economy by storm.  They were born into a digital era, making them the first generation to have infinite access to materials and information via the internet, connecting them with each other and the world.

Jumping on the Digital Bandwagon, the Right Way!

As covered by Advertising Age, Walmart is in the process of restructuring its marketing team to support the launch of a new business called  the Walmart Exchange, which will buy digital media for their massive supplier network. To support the effort, Walmart expanded the duties of their Chief Digital Officer to include Media, and brought