Saving Agencies Time & Money

An agency’s ability to efficiently meet client needs is a huge driver of success, account growth & profitability. Here is one example of how Gainor’s precise approach to resourcing supports this for agency leaders… — “I had our team trying to find “the right type” of brand strategist. But the recruitment team did not understand

Looking for Better Candidates? Write Better Job Descriptions!

Are you underwhelmed with the quality of job candidates you’re seeing? Your job postings may be the culprit. It’s very easy for job candidates today to see tons of job postings, via e-mail, mobile alerts, and web sites. If they aren’t drawn in by the posting, or if it’s unclear to them in some way,

Increase Employee Engagement With Team Building

Employees on effective teams are likely to be optimally engaged. But how do you make sure the teams are as effective as they can be? Here are three ways. Build trust on a team The best way to build trust is to talk openly with employees and encourage them to talk openly with each other.

The Recruiter’s Journey

Have you ever wondered how our recruiters become recruiters? What led them to want to help people move up to new and better careers? We’re going to shine a spotlight on one of our leading team members, Taissha Gotay, to see how she came to be a Gainor Staffing Recruiter! Taissha (known to most as