The True Cost of Having Unfilled Positions

When an employee leaves, managers are tasked with replacing the person or running the risk of having an unfilled position. But the hiring process takes time away from tasks that might be seen as more productive to the department. It can be tempting to diffuse the responsibilities of the departing employee among other employees. However,

Ways to Improve Your Brand to Attract Top Talent

All companies want to attract the top talent in their market space. But it’s an extremely competitive market for top candidates and candidates are looking at your brand when choosing where to interview. How can you market your employee experience? Here are some crucial tips on how to effectively brand your company in this market.

How to Immediately Set Up New Hires for Success

Successful onboarding is key to retaining new hires. New people need to understand their job, make connections with the team, and feel comfortable with the company culture. Why is onboarding so crucial? Because up to 20 percent of turnover happens in the first 45 days of employment. If employees feel overwhelmed by the job, or

How to Hire and Retain Millennials

Millennials have earned a reputation as a generation of job-hoppers, bouncing around from one employer to the next. While this reputation may not accurately describe every member of the millennial generation, it does have roots in data. According to Gallup, 60 percent of employed millennials are open to new job opportunities, and more than 21

Engaging Employees to Take Ownership of Their Work

Are you frustrated by the lack of interest from your employees? Is it affecting productivity and the happiness of your staff? Your company can reach new heights when you engage your employees to take ownership of their own work. Every individual should understand that they are an important piece of a larger puzzle, and that