A Success Story

It’s not luck, it’s talent aligned with opportunity. Nearly two years ago, an applicant came to Gainor looking to stabilize her career. She had taken various jobs to get through the recent economic downturn. Though her resume had a few twists and turns, there was an administrative thread that ran from the time she graduated

When Talent and Opportunity Align

  An online music publishing start-up had been searching for a Director of Customer Acquisition that could drive traffic to their site and secure new band partners. Their initial 4 month search ended in a declined offer from the selected candidate. Finding themselves back at the drawing board, Gainor was engaged to help with this

Quiet….Landing Digital Wockstars!

Gainor had been working with a 20-year-old media agency with a focus on the entertainment industry.  In order to address increasing demands for digital media buying, analytics, and campaign management, this agency faced the challenge of sourcing, attracting, and hiring a digital candidate who is in very high demand in the market today. Gainor worked directly with

First Impressions That Make a Difference!

  First impressions are very important to us and are a major indicator for a person’s potential success, particularly in a customer service role. When Margot met this particular candidate, he was punctual, extremely well dressed and clearly spoken. Margot was confident that this person would excel in our building concierge service. Margot sent him