How to Hire and Retain Millennials

Millennials have earned a reputation as a generation of job-hoppers, bouncing around from one employer to the next. While this reputation may not accurately describe every member of the millennial generation, it does have roots in data. According to Gallup, 60 percent of employed millennials are open to new job opportunities, and more than 21

Engaging Employees to Take Ownership of Their Work

Are you frustrated by the lack of interest from your employees? Is it affecting productivity and the happiness of your staff? Your company can reach new heights when you engage your employees to take ownership of their own work. Every individual should understand that they are an important piece of a larger puzzle, and that

Hire the Right Digital Marketing Manager for Your Professional Services Company

If you’re the owner or hiring manager of a boutique firm or professional services company, you may be looking to hire a digital marketing manager, and you’re certainly not alone. 90 percent of all marketing departments hire at least one person to focus solely on their digital marketing strategies. The digital marketing manager’s main responsibilities