Looking for Better Candidates? Write Better Job Descriptions!

Are you underwhelmed with the quality of job candidates you’re seeing? Your job postings may be the culprit. It’s very easy for job candidates today to see tons of job postings, via e-mail, mobile alerts, and web sites. If they aren’t drawn in by the posting, or if it’s unclear to them in some way,

Common Hiring Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Oftentimes employers commit certain hiring mistakes that cost them a lot of time and money. Turning the mistakes around and learning the right way to hire can save both time and money. You can do that by correcting some of the most common hiring errors. Poor interviewing skills No one is born knowing how to

Benefits of Having an Open-Door Policy

Whether you’re a new manager or have been managing a while, it’s very important to have an open door policy. Many open-door policies are stated in the employee handbook. Employees can also be told at meetings that they are always free to have discussions with you. Having an open-door policy helps encourage open communication, feedback

Five Tips for Preparing for a Marketing Interview

You’ve landed an interview for a marketing position! Now, you just need to prepare for it. Remember, the interview is the bridge to actually getting the job. So what are the best tips to prepare? Here are 5: Show your creative side When preparing for a marketing interview, it’s important to show your creative side,