More Frequent Employee Training Leads to Success

With today’s constantly evolving technologies and industries, training programs keep all your employees up to date.  Continuous employee training should take place from the executive level down, for the following reasons. Training helps everyone keep up with the marketplace Businesses succeed by marketing and selling their products and services. If the products and services aren’t

The Importance of a Strong Employer/Employee Relationship

Employees who have a strong relationship with their employers are known to be more productive, efficient, and loyal. A strong employer/employee relationship also results in less conflict in the workplace. Productivity and Efficiency If you have a strong employer-employee relationship, there is mutual trust and reliance. Your employees are dependent on you to be trained,

Three Tips for Writing an Eye-Catching HR Resume

When putting together a human resources (HR) resume, certain guidelines will help you write and design a resume that will highlight your greatest talents and accomplishments. They’ll also give your resume more of a chance to be seen by a hiring manager – which is the ultimate goal of a resume! Eliminate summaries and statements

Benefits of Hiring Recent College Graduates

There are many benefits to hiring recent college graduates. True, they may need longer onboarding and closer supervision, but they can also supercharge your team and leap over obstacles that may stop long-time employees. Here’s a summary of the benefits of recent college graduates. They’re eager to innovate and not afraid to take risks Younger