Don’t Wait to Stand Out at Your New Job

Starting off on the right foot with your co-workers and supervisors will do wonders for your career. It’s best to begin every new job with a plan for success. There are several things you can do on your first day to make a lasting impression. Here are four. Sit down with your supervisor to determine

New Employees Need to Feel a Part of the Team

New employees need to meet the staff, fill out paperwork and take an office tour as part of the onboarding process. But they also need to feel welcomed, appreciated and part of the company’s culture right away. Many companies have plans for the required stuff. After all, you need them to fill out the paperwork

Regular Staff Meetings Are More Important Than You May Think

Let’s face it, staff meetings sometimes have a poor reputation. Many managers don’t hold them because they may think things are running fine without them, or they don’t view general staff meetings as productive uses of time. Employees may view them as nonproductive. But here’s the thing. Most employees want to know what’s going on,

Build a Positive Online Reputation Today

Nowadays just about every consumer searches for a company online before using their product or service. This can range from a consumer looking up your products and services for purchase to a potential employee looking for reviews of the interview process on a site like For this reason, it’s important to build an online