How Do You Assess a Job Candidate’s Character?

A candidate’s character — qualities like trustworthiness, accountability and resilience — are incredibly important and difficult to evaluate during the interview process. So how do you assess a candidate’s character before moving ahead with the final job offer? Here are some proven strategies. 1. Ask Interview Questions to Assess Character Ask questions such as “when

Is Your Company’s Online Reputation Hurting Your Hiring Ability?

Maybe you posted some job openings and received far less response than you did a year ago. Or perhaps you’ve made job offers to great candidates, only to have them decide they aren’t coming on board. These situations could be a sign that your company’s online reputation is hurting your ability to hire. More than

Having A Work-Life Balance Is Critical for Your Employees

    As a manager, you need to focus on getting the job done. But you also need to focus on your employees’ work/life balance. It’s a necessary part of getting the job done! Let’s put it this way. Employees who don’t have a good work/life balance will be less productive than those who do.