First Impressions That Make a Difference!

  First impressions are very important to us and are a major indicator for a person’s potential success, particularly in a customer service role. When Margot met this particular candidate, he was punctual, extremely well dressed and clearly spoken. Margot was confident that this person would excel in our building concierge service. Margot sent him

6 Strategies for Landing Top Digital Marketing Talent

As agencies, brands, tech and eCommerce companies work to achieve measurable results on digital campaigns, the competition for exceptional talent has become fierce. Companies looking to attract top digital marketers need a strategy for identifying, attracting and securing the best. Based on our extensive work on these searches, here are 6 measures that have proven to

Guidelines for Successful Onboarding

Upon hiring a new employee, the first impression of how the person is treated is a determining factor as to how well they will succeed. Therefore, it is critical for organizations to have a comprehensive on boarding program. This allows for a more engaged employee who feels a connection to the organization. It also provides

Spring Fever: Fighting the War on Carbs

Although still in jackets and scarves, the Gainor team is preparing for spring.  We are armed and ready to fight the War on Carbs in pursuit of beach-ready waistlines. As life would have it, carbs are now appearing, ready to attack from every corner. You take a client out to lunch and there’s the bread