How to Set Your Career Goals for 2019

The New Year has arrived, and it’s time to set some resolutions for 2019!  You can decide to become healthier or spend more time with family and friends, but it’s also important to consider your career. Setting career goals for 2019 can effectively rocket you toward a promotion, a new job, or any number of

How Can You Differentiate Yourself From Other Candidates?

One of the most challenging tasks you’ll face throughout your career is differentiating yourself from other candidates. As resumes stack to the ceiling featuring applicants with similar levels of experience, the interview becomes your proving ground to make it clear you are the right choice. Research Once the interview is scheduled, it is time to

How To Impress Your Interviewer

Preparing for an interview involves a number of steps, including developing answers to potential questions and conducting your own research about the company. Looking good with the right answers is important, but having your own questions ready for the employer can elevate your interview. Showcase your thought process You spend most of the interview discussing

How to Evaluate Your Job Interview Performance

Too often scheduling a job interview is where the prep and evaluation time ends for a candidate. Because of this, they can face a hard reality when they walk out of the interview feeling inadequate and unqualified. Instead of leaving it to chance, consider these evaluation techniques to help you in your next interview. Start

Writing Resumes That Get Interviews

A resume is the first and only impression your potential employer will have of you in the first round of recruiting, so taking the time to construct a great resume is crucial. Below are some tips on how to write a resume that will get you the interview. Concise and Precise In order to ensure