Tips for Building Your Personal Brand While Looking for a Job

When actively searching for a job, a commonly overlooked tool is your personal brand. Candidates with a personal brand stand out amongst those who don’t, leveraging your search. A personal brand can showcase your accomplishments across your entire life, versus a resume that only displays your professional achievements. For example, if you are head of

Mistakes to Avoid When Checking References

Reference checks are not always viewed as essential, but there are various reasons why they should be. Checking references can highlight areas of the prospective employee that employers may not have seen otherwise before hiring him/her. By shedding light on the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, this could either encourage or dissuade an employer from hiring

The New Cost of Talent

As an employer, it is in your best interest to know that there is a new cost of talent. Why? Unemployment is low, so as a result, employers are currently in a candidate-driven market. If you want top candidates, you have to strive to appeal to them. On top of that, job candidates are savvier